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How do I keep my head on the stock?

It's a question of technique

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Shooting technique and gun stocks

Q: No matter how hard I try I can’t keep my head on the stock. According to a friend I invariably lift my head to ‘watch’ the target. How can I stop myself doing this?

A: There could be a number of reasons why this is happening… and a stock that’s too low in the comb might be part – or all – of the problem. If it’s too low, and your master eye ends up below the line of the rib, there’s a natural tendency to raise the head in an attempt to keep the bird in view.

A combination of low comb and long stock might also encourage you to lean back and favour the back foot, again causing the head to lift.

A few minutes spent in the company of a decent coach will reveal the reasons. For the sake of £60 an hour, it will be money well spent.

I would advise against trying to shoot your way out of trouble and hoping the problem will eventually sort itself out. It won’t. This is a basic fault in style and one that’s habit forming. The longer you leave it, the more ingrained it will become.

Assuming the gun is already a reasonable fit then keeping your weight well over the front foot and bending slightly forward from the waist is the best way of ensuring your head stays on the comb of the stock.