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What weight trigger pull should i get?

I am thinking of having the trigger on my Browning 325 sporter regulated, as it has gone a bit 'creepy'. What's the best pull weight to ask for?

Originally published June 2007 MIKE GEORGE says: Most shotgun triggers are set to fire with a pull of about 4lb, and on a well set up Browning that should give a nice, crisp pull consistent with safety. You can go a bit lighter than that, but anything below 3lb isn’t very safe.

Shotguns with very light triggers can be a bit scary. I once borrowed such a gun to shoot on the famous Olympic Trap ranges at Lonata, in Italy. On my first practice target the trap cycled with such a loud ‘clack’, magnified through my electronic earmuffs, it made me jump!

The gun fired, and the clay disintegrated in a ball of dust a split second after it came into view. The shooter to my right stared in amazement, and said a very rude Italian word.

Alas, I went on to put up something worse than my usual dismal score at the discipline, just scraping into double figures. I just didn’t trust a gun with a trigger set that light.

A good gunsmith just wouldn’t set up a dangerously light trigger, anyway.