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Would an Anschutz match rifle be suitable for rabbit shooting?

I noticed one of your writers uses an old single-shot BSA 12/15 target rifle for his rabbit shooting. I have had the offer of a much more recent (1980s) Anschutz match rifle, and wonder if it would be suitable for the same purpose?

Answer: It depends on the model, and on the trigger. Some Anschutz match rifles of the era weighed 15lb or more, and would be just too heavy for use in the field. However, others were built to a formula which restricted the weight to 5kg (a fraction over 11lb).

By contrast, George’s BSA rifle probably weighs about 9lb. The trigger on George’s rifle would have been built with a 3lb pull, which was the regulation when it was made.

This makes it safe for use in the field.

The Anschutz from the 80s will almost certainly have a trigger pull of only a few ounces, which would be dangerously light. It should be adjustable, but not up to a safe field poundage.

If the weight of the rifle is suitable, you could contact the UK Anschutz importer to see if a heavier trigger from a field model would fit.

Call Frank Dyke and Co. on 020 86702224.