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Shooting pairs from the same trap is impossible!

Shooting lessons
The secret to shooting this combination is to concentrate on one target at a time and be methodical in how you shoot it.

If you can hit the first bird then there is no reason why you shouldn’t smash the second one too.

Before calling for the pair, create a mental picture of where the second bird will be once you’ve broken the first.

This is important because its position after the shot has been taken will actually determine your initial address point.

If the pick up point changes between birds then there’s a fair chance the second bird will be missed.

The key is to always take the muzzles back to the exact same address point that you chose for the first shot.

If you go back too far – or not far enough – your gun movement, sight picture and rhythm will change.

The correct hold point is the one that gives you sufficient time to put the muzzles smoothly back in place, see the next target, move the gun and shoot it in the same place as you did the first.