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Should I get Hobs or Jills when buying ferrets?


Both sexes of ferret are capable of giving good results on a rabbiting foray, but they work in different ways.

However, well-bred and handled ferrets have a good nature, regardless of gender.

Hobs (males) tend to be slower and more methodical workers, while jills (females) are usually a lot quicker, but often leave some rabbits underground.

Both sexes have their advantages, but I find that working a hob with one or more jills, depending on the warren size, is the best method.

Jills will need attention when they come into season between March and August, and if they do not receive relevant attention may well not live a long and healthy life.

Hobs, when they reach sexual maturity, are inclined to fight other hobs, and this can result in serious injury or death.

However, two hobs (preferably siblings) can often be kept together without fighting, provided that neither is used for breeding. There is, of course, no assurance either way, but if two castrated males are kept together they are very unlikely to fight.