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Should I just stick to shooting Sporting?

JOHN BIDWELL says: It’s a great pity your friends are so narrow minded ? they’re missing out badly by turning their backs on this discipline. You will too if you continue to fit in with them every weekend.

Put simply: if they won’t shoot skeet with you, then shoot it on your own!

English Skeet is one of the best disciplines you can shoot if you want to excel at the various forms of Sporting. That’s because it teaches you the absolute importance of correct stance and gun hold in relation to the target. It also demands total concentration.

Bottom line here is if you can shoot skeet to a consistently high standard then your Sporting scores are going to benefit big time as well.

So, if you want to give your mates a good dusting down at Sporting, then get yourself off to the Skeet range (without telling ’em of course) and keep practicing until you’re posting scores of 22 and 23s. And if you manage to notch up a few 25 straights, even better!

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