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Should my ferret be castrated?

Can you tell me whether having my hob ferret castrated will affect his working ability?

No, in fact I, and many others, have experienced the exact opposite with castrated hobs. The male ferret is castrated when he is fully in season, normally around February or March. Technically, he is then no longer a hob, but a hobble. Using a hobble improves working ability, especially in the latter part of the season, as the animal’s mind does not wander from its task as its body is not awash with hormones. Neutered ferrets don’t flirt with each other, square up for a skirmish or try to mate with a jill when they should be bolting rabbits.However, my vet advises that, as a precaution, after the operation a hob should be kept away from any in-season jill for a month or so.

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