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The comb on my Tikka .243 deer rifle is too low!

Deer stalking
The problem of finding a stock with the correct height of comb to align the shooter’s eye with the telescopic sight has been with us for years.

Most rifles also had open sights and a high comb on the stock would have prevented their use altogether.

As you say, rifles nowadays are virtually never used with open sights so it’s about damn time the manufacturers started fitting properly designed stocks.

Some do, of course, and almost 20 years ago my Lakelander 6.5×55 had a superb stock which put my eye bang in line with the ‘scope.

In your case, short of flogging the Tikka and buying a rifle already fitted with a stock of the correct shape, we have to look at other possible solutions.

First is the screw-on Varmint Cheekpiece supplied by Tikka for increasing the height of comb on their synthetic stocks.

I cannot say whether it would also fit their wood stocks but even if it did it would probably look a little odd. They retail at about 50 quid from your Tikka dealer.

Then there is a padded leather cheekpiece available from John Rothery of Petersfield, Hants. They are wholesale only but, again, your dealer could get one for you.

Another possibility, if you have anyone local who understands rifle stocks, is to get a raised cheekpiece, in matching wood, added to your existing stock at the correct height to suit your physique and the height of your ‘scope.

Or go the whole hog and replace the stock with one designed for the purpose. If you type ‘rifle stocks’ into your Google search engine a number of possibilities will appear.

Some of them will make your eyes water and your Bank Manager run for cover but most are good value for money and you can buy something which, short of backing the Land Rover across it, will last a lifetime.