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What can I do about the shooting rights on my land?

I’m not a shooting man myself but I find it rather irksome that someone can come on my land and shoot whenever he likes. Is there anything I can do about it?

For example I’d like to shoot the rabbits that hammer my crops but I’m not sure where I stand.

David Frost
There’s probably not much you can do, although it would depend on the precise wording of the sale agreement.

The owner of the shooting rights has the right to enter the land at any time in order to exercise those rights.

This includes in a vehicle, as well as on foot.

As always in potentially difficult cases it’s best if the two of you can come to some sort of understanding that will enable you to work in harmony.

As an occupier of land you have an inalienable right to control rabbits under the Ground Game Act although the act does impose some limitations, especially on the use of firearms.

If the owner of the shooting rights wants to develop a small shoot you might be able to turn a bob or two by offering to plant some cover crops, for which he would have to pay you.