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What is Cerakote?

Heard the term and wondering what it means?

what is cerakote

Applying a Cerakote finish is an effective way to protect a rifle from the elements

You’ll often come across the description “Cerakote” in a gun review. What you might not know is what it actually describes. I decided to write about it having received the following request from a reader of Shooting Times.

Q: What is Cerakote and can I have it applied to my rifle to make it weatherproof?

I replied as follows:

Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to metals, wood or synthetics to provide a weatherproof, stable, durable, impact-resistant and corrosion-proof finish.

There are two processes — H-Series and C-Series.

  1. The H-Series is a two-pack paint system used on parts that can withstand high heat, such as barrelled actions and magazines, as it has to be baked to 300°C for an hour.
  2. The C-Series is a single-pack paint process best used for rifle stocks, scopes or delicate parts because it is air-dried only, but it is not as hard-wearing as the H-Series.


There is also DuraCoat, a two-pack system that is not quite as hard-wearing, but works very well for stock use. I like both and have used each on differing rifles to good effect.

Reviews of rifles

In my time as a contributor to Shooting Times I have reviewed several rifles which feature a Cerakote finish.

Tikka T3X Cerakote

Bruce props himself up against a fence post to test the Tikka Cerakote

Most recently I took a look at the Ruger M77 Hawkeye Cerakote, a rifle that traditionalists can enjoy while benefiting from new calibres and a modern finish.

A while back I took the Tikka T3X Cerakote out into the field, commenting: “It’s tough green finish makes a nice change from stainless steel and protects this neat little rifle from damage.”

My Shooting Times colleague Matt Hunt has also reviewed the Benelli M2 Comfortech Cerakote.