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What should I look for in a healthy ferret?

These days I seldom sell ferrets to strangers, instead any spare kits go to friends or contacts who I know will treat them properly, and work them correctly.

The other reason is that I don’t want people visiting my house who might be potential “wrong ‘uns” and turn up again at night, or when I’m away from home.

I know of others who share my concerns so don’t be surprised if the person selling the ferrets asks to meet you somewhere other than at his house.

First thing to check are the ferrets’ eyes and ears.

If the animals have been kept in poor conditions then chances are you will find traces of dirt in the ears and the eyes – instead of being sharp and bright – may be watery.

Also, ferrets that haven’t been cared for or kept in dirty hutches will have a coat that displays a sticky oil type texture and sore feet are a sign that their bedding has been constantly wet with urine.

If you are invited to the seller’s house you will be able to see for yourself the conditions in which the kits are being kept but don’t be offended if he doesn’t want you there – a lot of ferrets get stolen by certain types who eye up what they are going to steal when the season starts.