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What should we do about our excess pheasants?

Would you advise us to catch the pheasants up and sell or exchange for poults, or simply leave them for next season?

I would advise neither course of action. In the first place, it is illegal to catch gamebirds in the close season, so you are too late for that option.

Second, you should not simply leave your surviving game, but continue with your feeding regime.

By all means have a smaller feed and only fill a few hoppers, but do not stop feeding simply because you have finished shooting.

February and March are cold, hungry months for pheasants which have been dependant on wheat since they were released.

Some shoots make the gross error of simply stopping all feeding once they have stopped shooting.

Your birds continue to need wheat and, besides, there is always the chance that hens in good condition will produce a few poults, especially if predator control is maintained.