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What’s the minimum level of cover I need as a shooter?

Shooting legal advice
Insurance cover is a key selling point for most of the shooting organisations. Most of the insurance the organisations sell is third party cover which means you are covered if you cause injury or damage to someone else.

It doesn’t cover you for accidental damage to your own gun or equipment.

First, you need to check to see if you need it at all.

Your home insurance policy probably covers injury or damage to third parties so find out whether it covers you when shooting.

The NGO has a fairly basic policy that’s fine if your main activity is shooting as a leisure activity, but it doesn’t cover beating etc.

BASC’s coverage is wider and includes shooting abroad and beating.

However if you do a lot of beating BASC may regard it as business rather than leisure in which case you won’t be covered.

The Countryside Alliance covers you for shooting and an unlimited amount of beating.

Full details are on the web sites of all the organisations.

My advice is don’t join just for the insurance – look to see what else the organisation does for you and for shooting generally.