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What’s the required paperwork for shooting in the UK?

Is a visitor?s shotgun and rifle permit enough or do I need more? Is it possible to invite another Dutch licence holder to join me for a shoot? He can use my second shotgun and is also in possession of a Dutch licence and insurance with European cover.

Shooting legal advice
You will need a visitor?s permit to bring your guns into the country.

The permit has to be arranged by the person in Britain with whom you will be shooting.

In this case that would be the owner, or one of the owners, of the sporting rights that you have rented.

A visitor?s permit is valid for a maximum of one year after which a fresh application has to be made.

Your sponsor will need to apply to the local police and you will need to supply your European Firearms Pass and a copy of your Dutch licence.

These things take time so I suggest you apply as soon as possible.

In order to bring your guns into Great Britain and take them out again you will need to show your EFP and your visitor?s permit at the point of entry.

You also need to inform the ferry company, airline or Channel Tunnel that you are carrying firearms.

This may sound complicated but the arrangements for your friend are much simpler.

In the eyes of British law you, as the lessee of sporting rights, count as an occupier of land.

Anyone may borrow a gun from an occupier and use it in his presence without having a permit.

The above applies to shotguns capable of firing up to three cartridges.

The rules for rifles and five-shot semi-auto shotguns are slightly different.