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Where can I find falconry instruction?


Falconry is becoming increasingly popular and for those who wish to pursue the sport, the Hawk Board, along with Lantra (the awards body), have developed the Beginning Falconry Award.

To qualify, one can simply take the assessments or, for those with no experience, attend a series of instructional events and then take the assessments. The latter are carried out by qualified individuals, all of whom are experienced falconers and have attended an assessors’ training course run by Lantra.

It is necessary to take the assessments via an ‘Approved Administration Point’ (AAP).

AAPs are usually, though not always, falconry centres, and some clubs act in this role. Various organisations run the courses and assessments throughout the UK, including the National Hawking School, and details of all AAPs and recognised assessors are available from Lantra.

For details, email [email protected] or contact [email protected]