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Where can I get my deer stalking trophy mounted?

Deer stalking
There are a number of possible replies to this question. I was asked something similar in relation to a black panther, shot by a friend in Cheshire, some years ago.

In the case of the panther, the farmer dug a hole with his JCB and buried it to avoid any Press or public interest.

However, I presume that would not be your preferred option in this case?

Let me begin by saying that as an ex-livestock farmer I am fundamentally and vigorously opposed to the killing of good breeding stock, so I hope that ?your? stag was an old one, past his breeding prime, whose head was going back.

If that is the case, then why try to conceal the cull?

Shooting such an animal before he gets into a fight with the next in line to the throne, and perhaps badly injures him, is deer management at its very best and provides a good chance for a bit of genuine education for a public so often deluded by the prejudiced, blinkered rantings of the RSPCA, RSPB etc.

I?m afraid I don?t know of a taxidermist who could undertake such a commission while guaranteeing that no-one would find out about it.

Perhaps readers can help?

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