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Which is the best organsisation with insurance for a shooter on a budget?

Q: As a keen clay shooter I was planning on joining the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association for my shooting insurance. However I have just started pigeon shooting/decoying and am now questioning that decision. As a shooter on a budget I can’t afford to join lots of organisations so could you recommend one with insurance that would cover me for decoying and for clays?

A: I suggest you look at the websites for BASC, the Countryside Alliance and the NGO as well as the CPSA. All their insurance policies will cover you for the shooting you mention and may provide additional cover besides.

One factor that will affect your decision is the cost of membership and the other services on offer.

There isn’t a single best buy but it is worth noting that BASC and the NGO have good firearms departments in the event you run into problems with your certificate.