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Why don’t clay target shooters use semi-auto shotguns?

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Without wanting to avoid the issue, you really ought to ask the chaps at your club that question for a definitive answer!

However, unlike you my own take on the situation is that there’s a slow, steady, growth in the number of Sporting shooters now using semi-automatics, particularly those who regularly take part in competitions.

As I say, the growth is slow so I can’t ever see semi-autos becoming more popular than over-unders at clay grounds, particularly as the price of them is sometimes the same, or more than, a good over-under Sporter.

In spite of the price there will always be an interest in semi-autos because the better ones point and handle nicely but, most important, they’re much easier on the shoulder thanks to the reduced recoil produced.

This is often an important consideration for someone who has done a lot of shooting in the past and might be suffering with recoil-related problems to the neck and/or shoulder.