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Why don’t people like using the .22 Hornet for fox control?

A: Why have some writers got such a down on the .22 Hornet as a fox control round? I have been using one satisfactorily for years.

Q: The Hornet was the first of the .22 centre fire rounds, dating back to the 1920s. The fact is that even the heaviest loadings will give you a bit over 700 ft/lb of muzzle energy at best, while a .223 gives 1,100 or better, and the 22-250 can easily top 1,500.

In practical terms this means that the more modern centre-fire .22s considerably out-range the Hornet, and hit harder at closer ranges. Some folks also reckon that the Hornet round, with its rimmed case, can sometimes hang up in magazines.

But, if the Hornet works for you, why change? A lot of folks exaggerate the range at which they shoot foxes anyway. It’s amazing how many foxes are shot at 400 yards!