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Why don’t we drive deer to the guns in this country?

Deer stalking
The easy answer is that before you think of driving deer into an ambush, just remember what happened to William Rufus!

Several acquaintances who have been on such drives in Europe say that the thinking man finds a position between two stout trees to protect himself from the excited firing of neighbouring Rifles.

However, neurosis aside, it is not uncommon in Britain for deer to be walked slowly and quietly towards waiting Rifles.

The power and range of the rifle and the fact that the quarry is on the ground makes the operation very different from driven pheasants.

Rifles must be chosen for their calmness and reliability and sited carefully with clear instructions as to lines of fire and in places where likely shots will offer a safe backstop.

In the right place and when properly done this is a very effective method of culling deer.

It is, of course, illegal to use any mechanically propelled vehicle to drive deer into ambush.