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Why has one of my shotguns shot loose?

Both cost about the same to buy so why should one be noticeably better than the other?

Mike George
The longevity of a gun?s jointing is determined by a whole host of different factors involved starting with the quality of the steel used in its construction, along with the way everything was hardened and tempered at the time.

You?ve then got to take into account how well all moving components have been finished and fitted.

The design of the hinge and bolting system also needs to be taken into account because if the stresses of firing are evenly distributed over relatively large areas, then the gun is going to stay tight on the face for longer.

You didn?t say what each of your guns is used for, or what cartridges you use through them.

If, for instance, one is used for wildfowling where heavy loads are the norm then there?s a good chance that will shoot loose more quickly than the other