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Why is my springer puppy failing to return?


Do not make the mistake of making allowances because he is a puppy. If control is not established now then things will only get worse.

You are obviously not above him in the pack order and he does not see you as a leader who must be obeyed.

In my experience, long leads do not work, nor do treats when game scent is involved. He must be taught strict control when at your side, both on and off the lead in an environment where he cannot disobey.

You should be able to have him follow by your side without a lead or constant reminder commands, and teaching the recall is not the answer.

The priority is to build a relationship with the dog so it wants to be near you for guidance all the time. Put him in situations where you can control him and teach him in an enclosed environment such as a garden.

Do not give him commands he will ignore ? go to him and insist he does what you want.