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Why should I wait before going to find my shot deer?

GEORGE WALLACE says: This is to give the deer time to lie down and either stiffen up when it will be reluctant to get up again – or die.

If you rush straight in, even a mortally wounded animal may continue to run.

I have seen many deer, although shot through the heart, travel extraordinary distances before falling, (227 measured yards in one case), which is another reason for waiting, watching and listening after the shot.

You may hear its rush stop and the sound of the fall.

Observe very carefully where the deer was standing when you fired and go there first.

Leave a stick, handkerchief or something to mark the spot and only then set off slowly along the deer’s track until you, your dog or Lady Luck finds your quarry.

Be ready to shoot again if necessary but take your time – haste only creates cock-ups!