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Will I need a firearms licence for a ‘Paradox Gun?’

I was thinking of putting in an offer, but I then wondered if I would have to apply for a firearms licence to own it. Can you give me some advice, please?

David Frost
It sounds very much like a ?Paradox? gun to me and, if so, you will need to put it on a Firearms Certificate.

Even a small amount of rifling is enough for it to be moved from Section 2 to Section 1, and the seller should know this unless he?s been keeping it illegally.

So check him out!

Rifling at the end of the barrel will tend to spread the shot more than would be the case with a smooth barrel.

In France they sell rifled adaptors that screw into the choke so as to make the gun more effective at short ranges.

The best use of such a gun is with solid shot, for which you also need a Firearms Certificate and for which we don?t have a great deal of quarry in this country.

As with any Section 1 gun you will need to establish that you have a good reason for having it.