David Tomlinson

A day at a Purdey Gold Award-winning shoot

They’re intelligent, they hunt well and they make superb retrievers. So why aren’t tollers more in demand as working gundogs

What happens when field triallingdogs become affected by disease?

David Tomlinson spends a day with the owner of Merlot, a FTCh German shorthaired pointer which has won over the sceptics on local shoots

David Tomlinson talks to English setter enthusiast Anne Maddison who is keen to have as much success in field trialling as she has had in the show ring

It’s not the winning but the taking part that matters, so they say, but David Tomlinson disagrees, and shows us how to increase a dog’s chances…

Q) If lynx were introduced to the Scottish Highlands what would their likely prey be and would they kill sheep? D. BARKER By email

Q) I was brought up in the belief that every autumn, flocks of woodpigeon migrated to eastern England from the Continent, and that these foreign birds were smaller and darker…

Q) During a skiing holiday in Finland last winter I saw a number of completely white grouse and I assumed they were ptarmigan. However, a Finnish friend told me that…

Q) In September, my springer spaniel flushed a medium-sized brown bird while we were rabbit shooting in North Norfolk. It looked like a partridge except that it flew with its…

Why David Tomlinson thinks that there is not enough space for wolves in the UK

Where can we spot an otter?

My eight-year-old son's ambition is to see a wild otter, something which is not easy here in Sussex. However, we are going to Scotland at Easter and wonder if you…

Happily settled into a new life in Suffolk, David Tomlinson nonetheless missed his old shooting pals from Kent. So, with trepidation, he took on the task of hosting a day

Shooting may have changed over the years, but in the gamebooks of the historic Euston estate David Tomlinson finds preserved the style, manners and birds of a bygone era

Housing your hounds

The debate continues over whether to keep working dogs indoors or in kennels, but the most important factor is that they’re content and comfortable, says David Tomlinson