Diggory Hadoke

Diggory Hadoke

Diggory Hadoke deals in pre-war, British, breech-loading sporting guns and rifles.

He is a regular contributor to American and British shooting magazines and makes frequent television appearances in defence of sport hunting and shooting.
His has written three books on vintage guns and edits the on-line magazine, The Vintage Gun Journal.

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Edwardian shooting party

Driven shooting has been an established sport in the British Isles since it was introduced by the mid-Victorians. The sport of shooting had previously been largely a matter of a…

famous guns

Should my guns eventually be catalogued by an auctioneer, I expect my ownership to make not a jot of difference to the valuation. Frankly, nobody is going to pay 

English classic gun

Always wanted an English classic gun? If you are anticipating a drop in the price of English guns in the wake of the announcement that lead shot should be phased…

Pheasant shooting in New Zealand

For advocates of lead 
ammunition, the arguments 
have become academic. The 
leaders of our major shooting and countryside organisations have 
signed a statement in support of the 
removal of lead…

shotgun cleaning

Shotgun cleaning Faced with a bill of just over £800 for putting his grubby old gun back together, a local sportsman wasn’t very receptive to my advice that it was…

sell a shotgun privately

Should you find a Purdey under the bed when an aged relation shuffles off this mortal coil, there will be a few procedures to follow before you can safely consign…

16-bore shotguns

In any article about 16-bores, one should do one’s best to avoid the standard cliche of using ‘sweet’ and ‘16’ together. Most writers find it impossible. Perhaps the best-known example…

shotgun cartridge history

I am going to concentrate on shotgun cartridge history and how it got to be what it is today — the cheap, waterproof, reliable, effective, safe and consistent item on which…

gun stocks

When deciding to re-stock a gun with a new piece of walnut, a lot of thought needs to be applied before gun stock (known in the gun trade as a…