Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson

A game Shot, keen stalker and former editor of Shooting Times

dog with injured tail

Docked tails: I want to ask my new picking-up team about their dogs' docked tails.

wild boar

Wild boar shooting in the UK: Over the past few decades, reports of wild boar sightings have steadily filtered in to both police and media across Scotland.

Ampleforth College Shoot

It is the latest trend in cartridge production for both clay and game shooting. Coated cartridges — or, to be more accurate, lead shotgun pellets that have been coated with…

Man shooting by lake

Q: How do I stop myself stopping the gun when I shoot? A: Tony says: Stopping the gun as you shoot can be down to a number of factors. Let’s…

Animal rights activists

Q: My wife, who hunts with a local pack of foxhounds, recently found herself being abused by two hunt saboteurs, both of whom were wearing masks to hide their identity.…

Cecil the lion

On 1 July 2015, an elderly 13-year-old black-maned lion, anthropomorphised by the name of Cecil, 
was legally shot but wounded in 
an area outside Hwange National 
Park in Zimbabwe. The…

choke for wildfowling

Q: Last season was my first foray into wildfowling. I had been told by fowling friends, whom I assumed were knowledgeable, that a fully choked 12-bore was essential. I therefore…

Hunting safaris

Safari! Derived from the Swahili for a journey, the very word itself still evokes the spirit of past adventures, of hot, weary hours spent trekking in the bush, of long-forgotten hunting expeditions in East Africa. Even…

Field & Country Fair

The CLA Game Fair may be no more, but Time Inc (UK), publisher of leading country magazines Shooting Times, Shooting Gazette, Sporting Gun, The Field, Country Life and Horse & Hound,…

Wappenshall partridge shoot

Twenty years ago, I reported for Shooting Times on a then 350-acre Wappenshall partridge shoot in Shropshire, hard by the Wrekin, that 1,335ft hill which rises above and dominates the Shropshire Plain. Created by Jonathan Crow, whose…

Which are the most important qualities to look for when selecting your stud dog?

Driven shooting in Somerset with a team of lady guns