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Best puppy food

Scotland, Genshee, portrait of Border Collie puppy

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to feed them good healthy food. But it’s even more important that puppies get nutritious complete meals to help them grow and develop. Experts recommend getting food that’s been specially designed for puppies rather than serving them smaller portions of adult food. They have more sensitive stomachs and different nutritional needs as they get older which only a dedicated puppy food will fulfil. Usually suitable from eight weeks to a year old, look for food that suits the size of your dog’s breed and consult the guide on the pack to how much to feed them. Many of the best puppy foods contain single source oil protein like chicken or lamb. Additional ingredients like botanical herbs and minerals are often added to help your dog’s joints, eyes and heart as well as give them a glossy coat. Here are the puppy foods we recommend.