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5 reasons why shooting is better than football

Now, as a die-hard football fan, maybe I shouldn’t be putting my favourite sport down, but my second favourite out-does it in more than one or two ways.

When you go shooting, you can stand up, cheer your neighbour if they get a right and left and berate them if they are fiendish enough to wipe your eye.
At football matches you are forced to sit down, told that banter is not really the done thing in the modern game and ordered not question foul play.

Halfway through a shoot day you have a filling and delicious lunch.
At most football grounds up and down the country you get cold tea, flat Coca-Cola and what looks like a rat in a bap.

On shoot day you are spaced out along the line.
At the football you have to sit next the same idiot either effing and blinding in front of small children or screaming at the manager to substitute the £3m left back he curiously wanted him to sign in the January transfer window.

If you don’t like a shoot you don’t have to go again.
At my club they make you feel bad if you don’t go again.

There is a sense of traditional throughout shooting.
There isn’t a sense of tradition throughout football.

Have I missed any? Do you disagree? If so, get in touch below!