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Almost there now………

As I write, the compilation of the October issue of Shooting Gazette is almost complete.

Will Garfit’s copy came in later than usual thanks the the sporting holiday that formed the inspiration for his article. Gundog Update has been tucked into bed and last minute checks have been made to Contents.

Designer Neil Syer continues to bemoan the greed of Premiership footballers, I dare not ask Alex Flint what he’s doing, such is his fixed expression as he faces the computer screen, editorial assistant Alex Terry casts a final eye over Letters and the odd cough from editor Will Hetherington lets us know he is still in the office, awaiting work from the other side of the wall. I sit bolt straight, thinking about my first beating day in mid October, a trip back home to see the Bluebirds this Saturday and Update which should cross my desk any moment now.

Stamford is pretty quiet but apparently things got a little warm in the high street the other day when a stolen van was pursued by the local law enforcement. Fortunately they caught the rascal.

We’re all happy that the shooting season is now getting into full swing and early reports suggest that those who have been out already have enjoyed some excellent sport. Personally, I can’t wait to get out for the first day, hopefully I won’t have forgotten everything I learned from last season, but even if I don’t hit anything all season, it’s the taking part that counts, right?