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Are you looking at my bird?

What’s the form on stealing your neighbour’s birds, ladies and gentlemen?

Harmless fun or definate no-no?

Does it depend on who the person stealing from you is?

I witnessed some spectacular thieving on a shoot day recently, even more cunning and ruthless than that which used to occur at the local sweet shop when I was still a grasshopper.

It was mostly cock pheasants being downed as my barrels were still rising, and even though a complete stranger was responsible, I didn’t mind so much (I’m generous like that).

It did, however, dawn on me that certain guns might take a dim view of someone stealing their bird – to the point where they could pin the culprit to the bonnet of his Land Rover and given a stern talking to (much like the strategy of the sweet shop owner).

So, what would you say when a stranger takes your bird?

What practical joke should you play when you brother or favourite aunty steals your sitter?

Drop us a comment below and tell us what your reaction was to being poached – or even what happened when you did it yourself!