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Ban mobile phones on game shoots!

Does a gentleman text his friends while engaged intimately with a beautiful woman? Does an F1 racing driver call his broker while screaming through the tunnel at the Monaco GP? The answer is no, or at least it should be. People bemoan how busy they are these days, usually while using the same gadgets that squeeze their schedules. Why experience the virtual world when the natural one is far superior? There’s no need to obsess about that extra half point on the FTSE when the finest birds are quartering over the plushest valleys of the kingdom. Shooting is therefore banning the use of all mobile devices in the field and during any associated meals, and anyone found using theirs must forfeit it to the clay trap. Once the phone is catapulted into the air it is at the mercy of the remainder of the line, a line that had the decency to put their device on silent or, and here’s a novelty, turned it off completely.

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