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Game shooting should be monitored by CCTV

As sport continues to embrace video technology to ensure fair play, all of game shooting’s finest estates will be required to install CCTV cameras on all drives. Shoot captains must reiterate the following point during the shoot briefing:

“Critics inside game shooting may say CCTV is the toy of a totalitarian state used to monitor the movements of law-abiding guns, beaters and pickers-up without any justification, but they are wrong. The cameras are here purely for their protection.”

And they would be right. Anyone with a grievance over the true starting time of a drive, the real effect slamming cars doors had on birds in Taylor’s Wood, who poached whose bird or the true cartridge to kill ratio, need only request a copy of the DVD available at the end of the day.

Production costs will be deducted from the keeper’s tip. The use of technology in game shooting will also put an end to the blatant lying that ruins lunch and nightcaps in the pub. If a gun is so sure he took three birds at once, or that the final redleg of the day was indeed a 60-yard ‘screamer’, he should have no problem proving it.

Game shooting is the winner in this endeavour.

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