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Hart will fight countryside’s corner

It was great to read that Simon Hart has been selected as the Conservative party’s prospective candidate for Carmarthen West and Pembrokeshire South in the next general election.

Conservative MPs are few and far between in Wales, but Simon goes into the contest in a strong position.

Unlike a lot of politicians who remain anonymous for four years, Simon has an in-depth knowledge of the issues which affect people in rural areas and would be fiercely fighting their corner at local and national level. This passionate conviction which will come out during campaigning will not go unnoticed when the time comes to fill out the ballot paper.

Nick Ainger MP will be a tough opponent, but the seat is a marginal one and could go either way. However, come election day, wouldn’t it be something for Wales and the countryside at large if one of the countryside’s leading figures was sitting a short distance of the PM once black rod comes knocking?