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It’s only a bit of rain!

Off to Yorkshire on Saturday to report on a shoot in Pickering – lovely.

Weather forecast doesn’t look too promising mind you. It’ll only get up to four degrees and will sink as low as minus two in some areas, but I’m not really bothered. Nor am I that worried about the predicted snow showers, after all, I haven’t seen any of the white stuff since I was at school and got involved in a fierce snowball fight against some Year 7s and the head of RE – how she never got in the Olympic javelin team I’ll never know.

Anyway, the weather isn’t going to up to much, but I don’t care. Better to experience shooting in all weathers than just the one, right?

I’ve heard scores of people wine about the weather and use it as an excuse not to get out and about for their sport (what it may be), but it’s always been this way and we just have to deal with it.

The shooting season is going to be closing soon, and there isn’t much point of crying off because there are a few drops of rain in the air. If it’s cold, wrap up warm, if it’s wet then put on a waterproof, it starts thundering then, actually………………carry on until told otherwise.

The point is, if you’ve got any mates who are umming and arring about sport this weekend because the forecast isn’t great, tell them to just get out there and enjoy themselves!