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Leave shooting egos at the door

Have you ever rolled your eyes when you’ve heard the expression: “He’s one of the best shots in the county”? It’s not surprising if you have, after all the people who spout this absurdity are usually related to/ being blackmailed by the alleged superstar, so there’s bound to be some inflation of their reputation. But, if everyone knows someone who is “one of the best shots in the county,” does that mean there are hardly any plain “good shots” out there these days? And who cares how good you are – shooting isn’t all about the birds, so does the ‘fact’ that X can take 70-yarders using a .410 really mean anything? They might be dull as dishwater off the peg, or worse, a pretty good shot who struts around in elaborate garb just to get noticed. Anyone who therefore boasts that their pal is the shooting equivalent of James Bond will be asked to prove it. Should said gun not be able to smash 100 clays in a row before the off, for the duration of the shoot day his extoller will be required to wear a t-shirt bearing a right facing arrow and the legend: “He is not one of the best shots in the county.”

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