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No shoot captain may refuse a request…

Most shoot captains on small shoots are like your favourite primary school teacher. You’ve known them for donkey’s years and you don’t mind them keeping you in line because they do it with grace and courtesy. They like everyone and everyone likes them. There are, sadly, many a shoot captain who think ruling over 450 acres means they can act in a manner that makes Blakey from On the Buses look like Sooty. Nobody is immune from their mood swings or unreasonable demands and it’s harming the sport we love. To keep over-zealous captains in check the authorities have decided that no shoot captain can refuse a request on a Thursday. Dictatorial captains should therefore beware. So, shoot captain, can Ernest pick-up wearing a melon shellsuit this weekend, boss? You bet! Is it okay that Jackie beats while strumming a lute? Of course! Can “Smasher” Evans from The White Hart have your daughter’s mobile number?… Do unto others, as they say, shoot captain.

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