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There is still sport to be had!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the shooting season is over. Put your guns back in their sleeves, pick up your spent cartridges and finish off the sloe gin. That’s your lot. 

Sportspeople around the country might have felt a little cheated at the fact that February 1 fell on a Sunday this year, but there again, there are 150-ish days in a season, so surely one less won’t hurt. 

Of course, there is still duck and goose shooting to be had until February 20, but what are we all to do with ourselves until the time comes to get the shotgun cleaned and our eyes in ready for next August.

Well, the FA Cup is about to open its quarter final stage (there are also still four months of the football and rugby season to go-ish), the Six Nations is just around the corner and Wimbledon will soon be upon us too. So, it’s not all bad. 

Me? I’ll be hoping to purchase a shotgun at the CLA and take a few more private days than was possible this term. Although, with the prospect of Premiership football with the City next season, will I have to choose between high pheasants in Devon or watching the boys play Chelsea away?

The agony of choice.