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This can’t be a flash in the pan

As I write the British Olympic Team has won another clutch of medals at the Beijing Olympics. There will probably be some more in the bag by the time I have finished.

It was a shame about the shooting team not getting any medals, but they tried their best and that’s all you can do. Roll on London 2012 and hopefully we can use our home advantage to get us a couple of golds. If only our shooting team was allowed to train in this country…

The success of the British team has been unparralled and unexpected but the British public’s response has been slightly more predictable, ranging from calls for Rebecca Adlington to be made a Dame to callers to radio shows airing their disgust at people making such a hoo-ha of Britain actually winning something for a change. They obviously don’t follow cricket, football or rugby!

There was also the claim that clay shooting is the preserve of independent school pupils, but let’s not get started on that one.

We now have a golden opportunity to get our children away from the TV screen and out trying all of the sports they have seen us competing in this summer. You can see the irony there, but any government minister looking for a way to get the kids up and out and burning all that energy need look no further than Beijing as their inspiration.

Well done Team GB – keep it up!