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Why aren’t you shooting abroad?

How do redlegs under the beating Spanish sun sound to you? You and your friends jetting off for five days of sport, ice-cold San Miguel and buffets in the shade, endless coveys of magnificent birds filling the sky for hours and then flutes of crisp champagne back at the villa as the sun sets on the sea. If it sounds head-numbingly idyllic, why have you never done it? Why did you spend your mornings sat in your car orbiting London or listlessly pushing the trolley around Waitrose when you could have been at the airport? Shooting kindly reminds its flock that we work to live, and that anyone who would like to enjoy some sport abroad next season and every season thereafter should
stop dithering and just book something – anything. There is no punishment from the bigwigs for doing so – after all, they’re already out there, poaching your birds and drinking your beer…

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*This blog is firmly tongue-in-cheek.