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You should pay to watch game shooting

Like in all sport in the 21st century it’s time those who enjoy watching a day’s game shooting started paying for the privilege. With escalating grain prices, last year’s sloe gin stocks to replenish and the Brigadier’s team not getting any younger, shoots need to create new revenue streams to cope with the unpredictable nature of the sport. While it is indeed a real joy for toddlers, teenagers and grandparents to come and watch Dad game shooting or Mum picking-up, the fact is that while standing around cooing, texting or bobbing around in need of the lavatory, these spectators are not doing anything of use. Therefore a tax will be levied on anyone who is classed as a “spectator” on the day’s game shooting. A spectator will be charged a flat rate for attending the day’s game shooting, with an additional charge of £1 every time they have to answer a call of nature or enjoy what used to be a friendly complementary cup of tea or something stronger. And, for another small fee, seating can be provided. But be careful to read the regulations on your ticket carefully as all spectators will be searched on arrival. No personal supplies of damson vodka or pork pie can be brought into the game shooting estate.

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