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Calling in roebucks

A) The first thing with calling is not to expect too much, or too quickly. It can be a very unrewarding practice ? but then somehow it works! These days most stalkers use a Buttolo or a Hubertus call, both made in Germany. There is also the Faulhaber, which makes three types of call.

The Buttolo is made of rubber and is squeezed. It is quite loud and needs careful control if the buck you are trying to call is nearby. The Hubertus is made from cherrywood and is an adjustable whistle. Another type has an exposed reed which can be very effective when you have mastered it. Buttolo makes one, and there is a newly developed Scandinavian call named Nordik. All these can be obtained from Bushwear ( There is also a DVD with a commentary that I have added. This can also be obtained from Countryside Audio & Visual.

Households tend to be a little intolerant of endless squeaks as you practise, so find a quiet place, but not in a wood where you hope to call a roe! Incidentally, the calls listed can be used to attract muntjac, too. They can also attract other forms of wildlife such as raptors. Be careful to identify your target before shooting.