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Dukes of St. James’

The Shooting Gazette Good Hotel Guide 2007

THE LOCATION IS one of the most striking things about Dukes.

Nestled into a well-concealed courtyard off St. James’ in central London, the façade is stunning. This seclusion means that the hotel is amazingly quiet and provides the sort of retreat from the mayhem of the city that us country dwellers crave after a few hours in the capital.

You might think a hotel in central London is a strange choice for a sporting hotel guide but there is a reason. The shooting man is well catered for in this part of town.

The two William Evans shops are less than a minute from the hotel and the superb new Beretta gallery is just up the street. Also within a 15 minute walk are Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey, William & son, Farlows, Cordings and the Halcyon Gallery.

The hotel provides the perfect spring board to replenish the shooting wardrobe and to admire the work of the most famous gunmakers in history. So while you may not actually go shooting from Dukes you can certainly go and buy anything needed to do so.

Thankfully, the exterior matches the location in terms of luxury and style. The bedrooms are lavish and the Portland suite, for one, also includes a beautifully appointed sitting room. The bathrooms are equally stunning. The hotel also has a well equipped health centre and a wide range of beauty and health treatments.

Tel. 0207 4914 840