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Father’s Day gift ideas for the shooting dad worth a million

Our Father's Day gift list for 18th June is a little bit different this year. We thought we'd put together some really luxurious ideas for shooting dads and blow the budget. Here's what we came up with ...

Pair of Purdey guns

A pair of Purdeys for Father's Day?

A pair of Purdeys

You may think that there is a two-year waiting list for a Purdey, but in fact your father could be the proud possessor of a pair of these iconic guns by Father’s Day. James Purdey & Sons has a selection of ‘Best’ London guns for immediate sale for customers who need a new gun for the upcoming season.

Examples of the guns on offer at the moment include a pair of 12-bore over and under guns with ultra-round actions, traditional rose and scroll engraving, and the Purdey name inlaid in gold, alongside a classic colour case-hardened 20-bore side by side. Price on application. For more information visit James Purdey & Sons.

The Shaftesbury Holdall by Pickett London £795

The Shaftesbury Holdall by Pickett London £795

Luggage for a gentleman

Even though your father probably doesn’t have a Jeeves-style gentleman’s gentleman to unpack on arrival at a shooting party, it’s still important to travel with the right luggage. The Shaftesbury holdall by Pickett London fits the bill to perfection. Handmade in England, it’s light to carry and crafted from soft but sturdy British leather in black or brown (or bespoke colours on request).

The Shaftesbury Holdall by Pickett London £795

Plenty more room inside


Measuring a spacious 54 x 32 x 30 cm, it will envelop both a set of tweeds and a change of dress for the evening very comfortably, as well as all the other clothing a shooting gentleman deems necessary.  Price £795 from Pickett London.

The perfect hat for the field?

Tweed deerstalker hat

Tweed deerstalker by James Lock & Company £150

Hatters James Lock & Company have two Royal Warrants and have made a good few deerstalker hats in their time. This one is available in different tweeds crafted from pure British wool, finished with the essential ear flaps and a smart grosgrain ribbon. Available for £150 from James Lock & Co.

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A shooting lesson with a top instructor

Even the most seasoned shooters can improve on their technique. Book your father in for a one-to-one lesson with one of the best instructors around, Robert Cross of the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, who brings offers a ‘calm and concise style of tuition’. Price on application.

Dorado fishing in Argentina

For a fly fishing experience that’s never to be forgotten, give your pa a trip to Argentina to try his hand at fishing for Dorado.  Tough, bold and agressive the Dorado will demolish flies, snap and bite through lines and is an extremely acrobatic fighter. Contact Where Wise Men Fish for further details and rates.

Trained gundog

Present your father with a beautifully trained gundog and it will certainly draw some admiring glances in the field. Mordor Gundogs in Perthshire train gundogs for people all over the world and pups can be bought fully-trained. Price on application.

Labrador gundog

A well-trained gundog will draw admiring glances

If there are any other luxurious gifts you’d suggest as a Father’s Day gift, then please tell us by leaving a comment below.