The former first class cricketer is a passionate game shot and fisherman. Here he shares what he enjoys most about shooting and fishing, what changes he'd make at the RSPB and why the You Forgot the Birds campaign still has much work to do


Traditional roast grouse recipe

Traditionally roasted grouse

What is your favourite game to eat and how do you like it cooked?

I love grouse! I like pheasant, partridge, venison, salmon and sea trout. It’s a very healthy way to eat and much healthier 
than some of the food many youngsters eat today. Fortunately my children and grandchildren, coming from the countryside, all love eating game.

Are there any issues about shooting in the UK that concern you?

One of the things that needs to be looked at is the nonsense about lead. It’s been blown totally out of proportion. Yes there is steel shot, but have you ever seen what happens to a bird shot with steel? It goes straight through them and causes suffering.

There needs to be much more balance. 
A lot of grouse moors and pheasant shoots were donating birds to the Country Food Trust, which sold them to supermarkets 
at a nominal charge, but then Chris Packham gets involved and they are withdrawn. It’s ridiculous.

  1. 1. How and when did you get into shooting?
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  3. 3. What dog do you have?
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  5. 5. If you ran the RSPB what changes would you make to the organisation?
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  7. 7. What is your favourite game to eat and how do you like it cooked?
  8. 8. You enjoy fishing too; tell us a bit about what you have done.
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