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Let them eat… pheasant

Families living in poverty are enjoying game this winter thanks to the generosity of shoots that donate surplus pheasant to food schemes in the South West.

Chris Forrest, a keen shot from South Devon, has encouraged local shoots to give unwanted game to schemes that tackle food poverty and reduce waste. These schemes, run by the Devon and Cornwall Food Association, issue food to organisations that feed the disadvantaged in the local communities by cooking or giving out food parcals.

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“There are a lot of people in Plymouth below the poverty line and game is good cheap food,” said Forrest. “I came across the work of the Devon and Cornwall Food Association and learnt about what they were doing. Around 40 brace of birds are now donated each week.

“We aren’t getting rid of birds that would be chucked away. They are birds that would be sold. This is about getting good-quality, low-fat meat into homes where there is a need for it.”

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