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Natural joint support for hard working gundogs

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joint care supplements for dogs with Green Lipped Mussel

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Gundogs and working dogs are highly active compared to the average pet. Fast paced running and jumping through fields in various weather conditions eventually causes wear and tear on your dog’s joints. This can result in uncomfortable stiffness, reduced mobility and joint pain.

Pernamax Canine Tablets

Pernamax Canine Tablets are a natural, fast acting joint care solution for gundogs and working dogs of all ages.

The main ingredient is a patented Green Lipped Mussel extract called SuPerna™, which has high levels of unique Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have natural soothing properties which work quickly to soothe stiff and aching joints. Many gun dog owners using Pernamax Canine Tablets will begin to see results in as little as 7-10 days.

Pernamax Canine Tablets also contain key joint care ingredients Glucosamine, Calcium and Vitamin D for all around joint care and maintenance. These ingredients can help to maintain the long term health of joints in younger gundogs.

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‘When we adopted Arrow in his tenth year he was a bundle of aches and pains from a hard working life as a racer. He had become an old dog that no one else wanted. We put him on Pernamax Canine and almost immediately we were impressed with the difference it made. Within a month or so our creaky old dog was gambolling around like a puppy and giving our young greyhound a run for her money.’

joint care supplements for horses with Green Lipped Mussel What is Green Lipped Mussel?

Green Lipped Mussel is a mollusc that is scientifically known as Perna Canaliculus. They are farmed on hanging ropes in the pristine waters of New Zealand and have been consumed by the costal dwelling Maoris for hundreds of years.

Green Lipped Mussel contains a unique profile of Omega 3 fatty acids including ETAs, EPAs and DHAs. There are a wide range of health benefits linked to Omega 3s including joint care, health of eyes, skin, the brain and the heart.

Green lipped mussel for dogs

Maxavita’s Mussels

Maxavita’s Green Lipped Mussels are farmed in Marlborough Sounds, which is renowned for its deep blue waters and for producing some of the highest quality Green Lipped Mussels in the world.

To create their unique extracts Maxavita use a patented Cold Processing method. This method retains up to 5 times more Omega 3 fatty acids than standard freeze dried extracts. Freeze drying is a common process, however it damages the sensitive Omega 3 fatty acids which are what make the Green Lipped Mussel so unique.

Maxavita’s patented extract and processing methods are what set them apart from the rest and they take pride in having some of the most potent Green Lipped Mussel supplements in the world.


Maxavita’s patented Green Lipped Mussel extract SuPerna™