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Wishing a true countrywoman a very happy birthday

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 91st birthday today and we'd like to wish her the very best.

Land Rover Defenders

The late Queen Elizabeth II driving herself in a Land Rover Defender 110 to the stables on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

The Queen’s country credentials are impeccable.

She’s reputed to have said that if she had not become Queen, she would have liked to have lived in the countryside with lots of horses and dogs. As a child she used to ride pretend horses around her bedroom and has had a lifelong love of horses and riding as we know.

When she was a young girl holidaying at Balmoral, she would go out on the grouse moors with her corgis, who were good at locating the birds but less good as retrievers. So the Queen would stride out and retrieve the grouse herself. Although she doesn’t shoot, the Queen has been described as a very good picker-up.

The Queen is known to be fond of corgis but she is also a fan of Labradors. Her grandfather founded the Sandringham strain of black Labradors in 1911 and to this day all puppies born at Sandringham are personally named by her.

To celebrate Her Majesty’s 91st birthday today, here’s a round-up of the posts we’ve written about this true countrywoman.


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