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Pigeon shooting in Norfolk
Joe Bowes, 15, after a days shoot in Norfolk with his father.

Fermanagh red stag
Garth Donnelly poses with a 13-point red stag he shot in Northern Ireland.

Pheasant shooting in Kent
Alexis Fehler from Brenchley in Kent on a shoot in Rolvenden with his first bird of the day.

Snipe and woodcock shooting in Ireland
Evelyn Keady, Philip Casburn and their Springer, Missie out snipe and woodcock shooting in the moore lands of Moycullen in Co. Galway, Ireland.

The beating line on a pheasant shoot in Sussex.
A line of beaters on a cold November morning last year. Sent in by Andrew Bailey from East Sussex.

Working cocker spaniel on a days beating.
Fred, a working cocker. Sent in by his owner Rob, who only got into beating after training Fred at local gundog classes.

A team of beaters on a shoot in Kent.
An inaugural beating team from Kent. Samantha, Lucy, Pete and Naomi enjoy their first season last year.

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