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Shooting ground review: Grange Farm Shooting Ground

When you’re desperate to get your eye-in before the season starts or iron out that niggling problem before next heading into the field it must be a great relief to have a shooting ground on your doorstep. I see signs for Wittering on my way into the Shooting Gazette office each morning, but it wasn’t until early September that I first visited Grange Farm Shooting Ground which places a strong emphasis on game shooting and putting visitors at ease.

A rich diversity at Grange Farm Shooting Ground

An important note, Grange Farm Shooting Ground isn’t a shooting ground in the strictest sense of the term, given that the 600-acre site within which it resides is also a working farm, equestrian centre and corporate entertainment venue. Nevertheless, it is still on par with any of the smaller shooting grounds in the area.

The calm and friendly approach of instructors like Ted Smith, John Hart & Bruce Marks is a fantastic asset to Grange Farm Shooting Ground.

The stands are dotted around small lakes and woodlands, giving the visitor a fairly accurate game shooting experience. The wisdom and friendly manner of my instructor, Ted Smith, made my lesson enjoyable too. Ted wasn’t one for being too elaborate when trying to put his point across, preferring to repeat four words game shooters know so well – bum, belly, beak, bang – whenever targets went begging.

Grange Farm Shooting Ground has been welcoming guns of all ages and abilities since the 1990s and the team is always looking at ways to make its targets even more of a challenge. That said, the atmosphere isn’t akin to a bear pit where winning is everything and losers are worthless.

When not on the peg guns can find shelter and rest within the confines of the wooden shooting lodge, the walls of which have stories to tell.

Location of Grange Farm Shooting Ground: Wittering Grange, between the A47 and A1 near Stamford.

Facilities at Grange Farm Shooting Ground: There are 10 stands in total and all quarry targets can be replicated around the attractive trees and lakes. Simulated days are also available for those wanting a challenge.

The humble shooting lodge is set away from the action on the stands.

All ages and abilities are welcome – Grange Farm Shooting Ground is particularly popular with young shots, not least because the emphasis is always on teaching novices how to shoot rather than shoot to be competitive.

Corporate clients regularly use Grange Farm Shooting Ground as a destination for their team building days and as a way to break up business meetings. Sporting trips to central Scotland can also be arranged through Robin Dunlop.

Plus points of Grange Farm Shooting Ground: The atmosphere at Grange Farm is warm and friendly and so is ideal for the novice or gun low on confidence. Lessons can be taken at any time during the week and therefore guns can enjoy their lesson in privacy. There are three main instructors with others brought in when Grange Farm Shooting Ground is hosting larger events, such as the BASC Young Shots days which are held here. The ground is easy to find from either the A1 or A47.

Drawbacks of Grange Farm Shooting Ground: Sticklers for high-end off the peg facilities might find fault with Grange Farm Shooting Ground, but there weren’t any as far as I could see.

Costs at Grange Farm Shooting Ground: £55 per lesson (discounts are available for large groups.

To contact Grange Farm Shooting Ground: Visit or telephone 01780 782459.

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